Review: “Obama’s Crackdown”

Source article: HuffPost

Gunar Olsen’s recent article on American whistleblowers describes a stark contrast between high-ranking officials and “low-level employees” when they are charged with leaking classified information.

While figures like Chelsea Manning and John Kiriakou are shackled to heavy prison sentences, former CIA director David Petraeus will likely face only probation and fines. Petraeus’s actions are also more likely to be glossed over than the publicity surrounding, for example, Edward Snowden.

On one hand, whistleblowers have tried to “reveal government corruption, abuse, and wrongdoing” and have been faced with severe consequences. On the other, Petraeus’s plea deal reveals a double standard in Washington.

Gunar Olsen is currently a sophomore in the Honors Program at Lincoln Center. You can read his full article, “Obama’s Crackdown on Whistleblowers: Petraeus Plea Deal Reveals Double Standard for Leaks”, here.

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