M. Fisher

Hello everyone! My name is Margaret (Maggie) Fisher (2017) and I am from Elk Grove, California. I grew up in the country with my five siblings, and was homeschooled by my fabulous parents before I entered public school.
After much debate, I decided to major in Comparative Literature and Behavioral Development (a science major that I designed myself) and minor in Theology.
I have a passionate love of turtles and the ocean, and I thoroughly enjoy writing, coffee of any sort, napping, a challenge, running, singing, dancing, traveling, learning about the brain, the rain, succulent plants, animals, international relationships, and tropical fruits.
While at Fordham I have been a member of the Fordham Cheerleading Squad and the Lincoln Center Society, cast member of the studio show Scrapmetal/Scars, and an editor of Bricolage: Fordham’s Official Journal of Comparative Literature.